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Low Cost Affordable Windshield Replacement And Repair San Diego, CA

Our pristine reputation and experience in delivering high end auto glass repair and replacement services, is a service we gladly deliver to all our customers at low cost rates and same day service.

We Help You Save Money On Your Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

Our professionals consider helping you save money through sensible pricing as well advise you how best to go about making a payment, whether by going through insurance or by paying cash.

Experienced, Honest, Reliable, Fast, And Affordable Auto Glass

Our long term established business with highest quality of customer service has aided many customers repair and replace their damaged windshields. Having repaired and replaced thousands of windshields, our personnel has mastered the art of identifying the type of damage and corresponding it with the most appropriate repair or replacement.

Why Work With us for your next Windshield Repair or replacement in San Diego, CA

  • All our experts have over 15 years of experience in the auto glass repair industry. We deliver quality services ranging from custom glass for special vehicles to windshields for large vehicles. Our experience and dedication to customer service have made us the leading auto glass of san diego repair center.
  • We provide a full range of auto glass services not limited to just front windshield repairs, we can also help you if your back windshield and side windows are broken or, if you are having trouble with your car window regulator and have trouble rolling the Car glass up and down, we can fix it all.
  • We provide free estimates for all of our auto glass work to our clients once visiting our shops. Our duty is to ensure we thoroughly inspect the damaged windshield area and take time to go over with you the precautions you need to take make after a repair or replacement to ensure the windshield repair or replacement properly sets. Contact us now For a Free Quote or Inspection.
  • We handle all makes and models Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Trailers, Semi Trucks, Buses, and anything else you can think of!

Different types of Windshield Damages

We have encountered a number of customers unable to distinguish between a chip, a crack, a scratch, and a pit which are terms used in windshield repair technology to refer to the different types of windshield damages.

A Windshield Chip Vs A Scratch

A chip is a hole with air inside and repair is done by filling, unless the hole is very tiny. A scratch is commonly described as a small line on the windshield often caused by broken windshield wipers. To avoid such scratches, always replace old wipers with new ones regularly.

Cracks in Your Windshield Should Be Addressed Immediatly

A crack is a line in the glass caused by significant impact or stress and depending on the size of the crack the windshield may need to be replaced. You should bring your car in immediately after discovering a crack in your windshield, so that we can repair it before it expands

What windshield damage is repairable?

Any slight damage once brought to our experts, they will tell if it can be repaired or replaced. This helps all our customers save time and money as well. However, for us to arrive at that decision, the size and position of the windshield chip, crack, scratch or pit matters a lot and whether the driver’s visibility is affected.

We also offer expert advice to all our clients and encourage them to get in touch with us to determine whether their car’s windshield is safe.

Why Immediately Repair Your Windshield When you Discover A Chip or Crack

Anytime you notice a crack or chip in your windshield you should immediately bring in your car so that our experts inspect it. A quick response is highly recommended since if the chip or crack is left for long, regular road vibrations due to driving will augment the size of the crack and minimize the chances of repair. Nevertheless, replacement is very costly as opposed to repair costs.

Quick Auto Glass Tips to Remember

  • Long cracked windshields unfortunately can’t be repaired, but rather be replaced. But be sure the nature of damage by consulting with a professional who will also examine the car’s windshield.
  • Remember that, when dealing with cracks, ensure you have done a replacement the next available opportunity since you could be at risk while driving.
  • The technique used to repair Windshield scratches is very different as opposed to the one for windshield chips, however, scratch repair kits are available from many retailers thus our customers should regularly check their windshield wipersto avoid getting scratches.
  • Another reason you should take any damage to be looked at by a professional soon enough, because best repairs are done when the chip or crack is new and clean.

Why You Want A Professional For Your Windshield Repair Instead of Doing It Yourself

There are a variety of different windshield repair kits available that you can purchase online or in a store, however, there are several things that you should know about them.

Store bought polymers are lower grade and more likely to breakdown

The common polymer used in store bought windshield repair kits is a watered down version of the commercial grade polymer used by auto glass professionals. The lower grade polymers are more likely to break down and has a higher rate of failure. If a polymer fails, the crack could become longer and require a costly auto glass replacement.

This lower grade is not durable whereas our specialized industrial polymer is specially designed to withstand high magnitudes of auto glass stress.

Nevertheless, the final outcome from our professionals ensures you get a clean and superior repair that lasts longer.

More About Windshield Replacement Center of San Diego

We are a locally owned and operated company based in San Diego, CA. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to each and every single one of our customers while at the same time keep prices low and affordable. A windshield replacement or repair shouldn’t be a hassle, we try to make the process simple and straightforward. Bring your car in today for a free inspection, or call us for a quote. For your convenience, we have a comfortable waiting area that is fully stocked with sodas, coffee, water, and snacks for you to enjoy while you wait for your auto glass replacement or repair to be completed. Call today for a free estimate or to bring your car in for an inspection.